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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you located?
    We are located at 2900 N. Reynolds Rd in Toledo, OH. This beautiful property: ~ has direct access to the Metroparks Toledo University/Parks Trail ~ is a .5 miles from the entrance to the gorgeous Wildwood Preserve Metropark ~ is a 4 minutes’ drive from I-475/US 23
  • What type of climbing will you offer?
    Bouldering – We have over 75 boulder problems - something for everyone, and a lot of choices and challenges on many angles and in many styles. Auto-belay climbing – perfect for the beginner or the regular member. These devices allow you to get to the top without a partner. We will have multiple routes set for every auto-belay for all skill levels. Top rope climbing – We have over 25 top rope routes at every level. You will need to pass a belay check before being able to belay (hold the rope) for someone climbing on these routes. Lead climbing – we have moderate to advanced lead climbs set up, as well as a steep lead only area. Speed climbing – we have 2 identical routes so you can race your friend to the top! It will also be used for our future competitions.
  • What other programs and services do you offer?
    Classes – we have basic climbing classes, , advanced climbing classes, multi-pitch courses… as well as other fitness classes we’ll add in the future. Members will get a discount on these courses. Competitions and leagues – a perfect way to build community is to have leagues and competitions, bringing together climbers of all levels and rewarding effort wherever climbers find themselves on the range of skills. Fitness area will include strength (functional trainer in phase 1) and cardio equipment Group outings for corporate teambuilding Multi-purpose room for family gatherings and parties
  • What are your hours of operation?
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3pm-10pm Tuesday, Thursday 7am-10pm Saturday, 9am-8pm Sunday, 11am-6pm Check the website for notifications of any special events or private parties.
  • What can I expect on my first visit to Adventus Climbing Center?
    Rock climbing is inherently a dangerous sport, but when you follow our policies and practices, the risks are minimized. On your first visit, you’ll be sized with some climbing shoes and a harness (if you don’t have your own) and complete an orientation. During the orientation, you will be introduced to the features of our facility, the rules and child supervision policies, and learn how to climb in both our bouldering area and how to use our autobelays. Climbing the taller walls with ropes requires additional training. Either you’ll show us you've had experience top roping and know how to belay, or you’ll need to take a Learn the Ropes class in which you learn to use standardized practices and safety checks. The lead climbing area requires yet another level of experience. We will share the process of getting certified. Please wear clothing that is comfortable, athletic, and does not restrict movement. We will be quite different from most “barbell and treadmill” gyms, but we ask that you consider our family friendly environment and wear appropriate clothing.
  • What is Bouldering?
    Climbing that stays relatively close to the ground (approx. 8-15 ft tall). Bouldering is typically protected by thick padded mats (crash pads) that cushion the impact of the fall. Outdoor bouldering is also protected best with spotters who help direct the climber’s fall to the crash pads.
  • What is Belaying?
    The act of adding friction to a climbing rope to stop the climber when they fall. The person holding the rope, or the belayer, pulls the rope through a belay device as the climber goes up and adds friction to stop a fall by pulling down on the brake side of the rope.
  • What is Top Rope Climbing?
    When the climber, wearing a harness, is securely attached to a rope which then passes up, through an anchor system at the top of the climb, and down to a belayer at the foot of the climb. This climber can be kept tight on the rope to limit the distance of a fall. Top roping is the safest form of climbing and is very popular with beginners.
  • What are Auto-Belays?
    An auto-belay is a specialized device that allows a person to climb top-rope routes on their own, automatically taking in the slack of the rope as the climber moves up. Then, when the climber reaches the top, falls or is ready to lower at any point, it slows the climber’s descent with a controlled braking system. Auto-belays are typically indoor and not found in outdoor climbing areas.
  • What is Lead Climbing?
    When the harnessed climber attaches a rope to the protection on the wall periodically throughout the climb. If a lead climber falls at any point, the belayer still adds friction to the rope through the belay device to stop the fall, however, the climber will fall twice as far as they are above the last piece of protection. There are multiple types of lead climbing: traditional (protection that can be placed in cracks and features on the rock), sport (uses fixed bolts to clip into), and ice (protected by ice screws placed throughout the climb). Lead climbing adds risk and is not typical for beginners. Indoor lead climbing is very similar to outdoor sport climbing since the points of protection are hanging carabiners pre-attached to the wall.
  • What is Rappelling?
    To descend from a cliff or other height by lowering oneself on rope. Friction is placed on the rope with a belay device attached to a harness, to keep the descent slow and controlled.
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